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World-class Teachers, World-class Education. @GuildHE ... Church schools

Hoy traemos a este espacio este informe titulado "World-class Teachers, World-class Education" de GuildHe que nos presentan así ... también, al final, os dejamos el índice...


Church schools play a major role in educating pupils across the country, with over 7,000 church schools in the UK. Teaching is a vocation that makes a difference: many of these schools deliver outstanding education and do so in some of the most remote or disadvantaged parts of the country.

 These schools are reliant on an ongoing supply of excellent teachers. This publication is a timely chance to reflect on teacher education, looking at some of the innovative approaches taking place in both schools and universities, but more importantly between them. It brings together the perspectives of school leaders, university academics and senior university leaders, with several articles written jointly, demonstrating the partnership approach that is central to many of the schools and universities with which we work.

The publication has been produced by GuildHE, one of the two formally recognised representative bodies in UK higher education, and the Cathedrals Group, which brings together universities with a church foundation. It looks at the key challenges facing initial teacher education.

Parents and pupils recognise the special ethos and values of church schools and their popularity reinforces this. This was best enunciated by Pope Benedict in his address on his papal visit in 2010 to young people at St Mary’s University: ‘as you know, the task of the teacher is not simply to impart information or to provide training in skills....education is not and must never be considered as utilitarian. It is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short, it is about imparting wisdom.’ This role of training a new generation of teachers and supporting those already in the profession is met, to a large degree, by the many universities with church foundations.

Church schools contribute successfully to community cohesion; they are culturally diverse and as one of the articles in this publication highlights, they can play a role in articulating fundamental British values. The faith-based ethos of church schools has a wider appeal to those of other religions, with many choosing a church school because they know faith will be taken seriously and spiritual development will be seen as an integral part of the whole educational offer. This publication also looks beyond church schools and demonstrates the excellent work of many church universities in supporting the professional development of teachers and embedding research and evidence into their practice.

Right Reverend Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester
Right Reverend Alan Williams, Bishop of Brentwood

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